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How to Host a Happy Hour for Equal Pay

Nothing's happier than cocktails and pay parity!

March 18, 2019

Ready to make a difference for equal pay? Babe, you were born ready.


SameSide has all the tools you need to bring together friends, colleagues, family, even strangers - for a cause. Follow the steps below to host a super successful happy hour.


  1. Pick your favorite bar. You know the one with the good atmosphere and the fun bartender. Gather your group at a place you already know has a good vibe.

  2. Set your price. Figure out the average drink price. It will probably be somewhere around $10-12. Then, factor in tax and tip to make sure everything is covered in the ticket price. Once you submit your experience online, SameSide will automatically populate our $3 fee into the price your guests see.

  3. Submit your experience. Follow this link to submit your experience. Once you submit, the SameSide Team will be in touch. After the experience is approved, you’ll receive your advocacy toolkit that will give you step by step instructions to lead a discussion on equal pay and take action.

  4. Invite your friends. We recommend 5-12 people to start off. This is not too big of a group to manage or fit into a bar. You’ll also be able to lead everyone through the action items with ease.

  5. Reach out in advance. If you are bringing a larger group (8-12) to the bar, you might want to reach out in advance to reserve a table. This way you’ll all be able to sit together and kvetch about why the heck we still have unequal pay in 2019.

  6. Check out our happy hour tips. Click this link for our happy hour best practices to make your happy the talk of the town.

  7. Pay your tab. You’ll cover the check for now, but SameSide will send your payout in 1-2 business days. Make sure your guests only put what is covered by the ticket price on your tab. If they want food or a second drink, have them cover it on their own.


That’s it! Now you’re ready to host a happy hour for equal pay. Click here to submit your experience idea.


Want to host from the comfort of your own home? We’ve got ideas for that too. Bars can be crowded and loud, so why not have a wine night for equal pay instead! The ticket price should cover the cost of the food and drinks you’re going to supply. Or, make it a potluck and just cover the wine. Either way, SameSide will add $3 on top when you enter your experience information. From there, everything else is the same, and you’re ready to go.


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