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How to Host a Happy Hour for Equal Pay

Nothing's happier than cocktails and pay parity!

March 18, 2019

Ready to make a difference for equal pay? Babe, you were born ready.


SameSide has all the tools you need to bring together friends, colleagues, family, even strangers - for a cause. Follow the simple steps below to make a difference for equal pay.


  1. Pick the time and place. Think about when you and your friends normally get together. Or mix it up and do something totally different! You can hit your favorite bar, have a wine night at your house, or try the newest trendy place down the street.

  2. Post it on SameSide. Use our host portal to post the experience on the site. You’ll be able to put in all of the details - date, time, price, etc. Psst: for more info on how to price your experience, click here.

  3. Invite your friends. You can invite your friends through email or social media after you complete the experience on the site. As they purchase tickets, you’ll be notified and be able to view the guest list on your profile.  

  4. Get together! Happy hour is always better with friends. And it gets even happier when you take action for equal pay. That’s where we come in.


SameSide provides the tools to take your happy hour to the next level - by educating your friends on and taking action for equal pay. Before your experience, SameSide will send you an Issue Guide breaking down what exactly equal pay is, a Host Toolkit so you feel more than prepared to bring your friends together, and an action card with information on how to easily contact your elected officials.


Ready to host? Let’s get started.


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