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SameSide Rewind: Downdogs & Democracy for Equal Pay

Downdogs & Democracy: Equal Pay

September 19, 2018

In her most recent installment of the Downdogs & Democracy series, Kady Lafferty yet again created space for practice and play while tackling the issue of equal pay. On-point graphic tees were the unspoken uniform of the evening, featuring messages from “Girl Power!” to “Don’t F*ck With Us. Don’t F*ck Without Us” (cheeky, Planned Parenthood!) and “The Future Is: Indigenous Women, Disabled Women, Trans Women… All Women” as worn by our host. These quite literal fashion statements were the perfect way to spark conversation and begin a meaningful dialogue that would continue throughout the experience.


As class began, guests were serenaded by Kady’s “Divas through the Decades” playlist. The lighthearted and uplifting beats from the likes of Donna Summer and Celine Dion had guests singing along to classic jams in between poses. Guests of different ages, genders, and backgrounds were on the mats filling the room, all there to unite for equal pay.


Post-yoga, guests sipped on cocktails from KEEL as Kady led our advocacy components for the evening. Our group collectively completed 142 advocacy items in support of government and workplace policies that pay ALL workers equally, regardless of sex, color, religion, background etc.



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