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Common Ground(s)

Coffee Education + Public Education

January 09, 2019

Picture this: a coffee shop full of coffee novices grouped around a couple tables slurping coffee through their teeth as loud as they can—some coughing as the coffee goes down the wrong tube— everyone laughing as they attempt this hilarious task.  All of this spectacle in the name of education advocacy #saywhat?!

This was the scene you would have walked into last Saturday at Copper Door Coffee Roasters as bunch of newbies slurped and coughed their way through a professional coffee cupping class.This slurping method is how the professionals isolate specifics tastes and textures of different coffee roasts for competitions, among other methods.

The knowledgeable leader of this coffee cupping experience was Hannah Ulbrich. A former teacher, Hannah is the only female owned and operated coffee roaster in all of Denver — not to mention, she is kind of a big deal— she is the head judge for the U.S. Coffee Championships (aka. the Olympics of US coffee roasters). Through Hannah’s experience as a teacher and mother, she is passionate not only about reeealllllyyy delicious high equality coffee, but teacher pay and public education reform. We spent time mid coffee slurp and sip to contact representatives about just that.

The group attending the event all had different connections to education; some teachers, some administrators, some parents and some plain ol’ citizens who give a shit about the future of our country. All making an equal impact and having a heck of a time while doing it. At the end of the event, there wasn’t an uncaffeinated or uninspired person in the coffee shop.

Expect more coffee cupping classes down the road with Hannah, Copper Door Coffee Roasters and SameSide- next up will focus on LGBTQ+ equality advocacy. 

Now that’s Common Ground(s). 


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