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Protect Our Land

Stop climate change and protect the environment

December 14, 2018


Greenhouse gases are harming the environment, and 85% of gases come from fossil fuel combustion. It's time that the government stops supporting the fossil fuel industry and invests in saving the environment!

Protecting clean water, clean air, public parks and lands, wildlife, and our communities against climate change and polluters’ exploitation is an essential role of our federal government.  Don’t let Big Polluters get away with influencing Congress! The US Government currently gives the industry over $20 billion every year, which is outrageous. These subsidies are the worst of the worst, fail any reasonable climate test, and it’s time they were eliminated. Instead, we should increase investment in environment and health protections and make sure no anti-environmental policy riders are attached.

Speak up today and let your representatives in Congress know that you want them to STOP supporting the fossil fuel industry.



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