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Celebrities Are Fighting Against Gun Violence

Amy Schumer Wore Orange And Jimmy Fallon Surprises MSD

June 05, 2018

In honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Hollywood celebs took to social media with the #WearOrange hashtag, a campaign created by Everytown for Gun Safety to raise awareness about gun violence.


Here’s why some of our other fave celebs #WearOrange:


“Today I #wearorange to remember all those who have died, especially in schools, churches and movie theatres- spaces in which I grew up feeling safe but where the current generation cannot.” – Anne Hathaway


“Today I #WearOrange to support National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Let us all honor victims of gun violence and stand in solidarity with survivors.” – Jeff Bridges 


“Let’s all #WearOrange for #NationalGunViolenceAwarenessDayhonoring the 96 Americans killed every day w/ a gun & the 100’s more injured” – Mark Hamil 


“Tomorrow I’m wearing orange because I am a mom and want safety for the kids in our country. Let’s give a voice to those who are impacted by gun violence every day. #wearorange” – Elizabeth Banks 


“Honoring the more than 90 lives cut short and hundreds more injured by guns every day. @momsdemand #wearorange#ENDGUNVIOLENCE” – Pearl Jam 


“I #wearorange today for Jaime Guttenberg. She was 14 years old when she was murdered in the Parkland shooting. Jaimie loved to dance. It’s all she ever wanted to do. Please check out https://orangeribbonsforjaime.org/ . We won’t stop fighting in your honor, Jaime. #NoRA.” – Alyssa Milano 



SameSide also wore orange over the weekend to honor those affected by gun violence. On Saturday, we hung out at The Rooftop at The Standard, Downtown with Everytown for Gun Safety, and together we sent more than 80 postcards to legislators to advocate for sensible gun solutions.





On Sunday, Jimmy Fallon kept the momentum going by surprising the nearly 800 graduating seniors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The ceremony honored four seniors who were killed in the February 14 mass shooting at the school earlier this year. Fallon delivered an uplifting commencement speech that praised the students’ resilience and activism in the face of pain and heartbreak.


In his speech, Fallon commended the students for their bravery and courage. He announced, “You took something horrific — instead of letting it stop you, you started a movement, not just here in Florida but around the world…  And that was you choosing hope over fear.”



Fallon had been an attendee at the March for Our Lives Rally, the national march for gun control that was organized by the Parkland students. Yesterday, the student activists announced the next phase of their movement: a summer bus tour across 20 states to register young people to vote and to campaign for reforms to our nation’s gun laws. Calling the tour “Road to Change,” the students are emphasizing that it is up to the younger generation to achieve real changes in politics.



We can all take note from the courageous actions taken by Parkland students. Rather than waiting around for change to happen, they made change happen. If you are interested in making change happen, check out one of SameSide’s upcoming experiences to take real action for the cause you care about.


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