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Become an Accommodation Host

Share your home/couch/room/basement/air mattress with people who have travelled far and wide to help support a cause you feel passionate about.

Why Join SameSide?

Be a part of a passionate community

Our hosts are a carefully selected community of impassioned talent that want to take ownership of improving their community. Whether their community is their local neighborhood or America they want to get involved and lend their amazing talent to make things better

Join for free

SameSide is on your side. We want to help you make money while you are putting yourself out there for the good of our country. SameSide is free and we only take a commission when you book a guest.

SameSide is your technology and support partner

We are here to help you build your name and cause. We are operations professionals who want to free you up so you can focus on what’s important.

Meet guests who want to make an impact

Build bonds with guests who travelled from far and wide to make a difference for their country and the world.

You are instrumental to your movement

By offering your time and talent to a cause or campaign you are now vitally important to its success. Your voice is important to the campaign leaders.

Increase your reach

Take advantage of SameSide’s reach and marketing team to expand awareness of who you are. Expose your talent to the entire country and the world using SameSide’s Platform.

Safe and secure

You are our priority and we diligently guard all of your information as you work hard to make the nation better.

What Are The Next Steps?

Sign up for an account and list your accommodation:
Have questions? Contact us. We are here to help!

Pick which campaign you want to support:
Once you pick the campaign and have all of your accommodation info filled out, it will go live!

SameSide will work with the Campaign Leader to start spreading the word:
Get ready to host some amazing passionate people.

Get awesome reviews:
Those fantastic reviews are force multipliers for getting your cause traction. We can’t wait for the world to support your cause.

Still have questions? We are here to help!