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Don’t just be part of the movement,

Lead the movement.

Every day, SameSide Campaign Leaders are gathering support for their cause, campaign, and movement to create real change in America. Who is a campaign leader:

  1. Politician running for office: Incumbent and challengers alike use SameSide to rally supporters for their campaign to state, local or federal office.
  2. Rally and Protest Organizers: Before during and after a rally, Sameside helps rally organizers generate sustained momentum and enthusiasm for causes.
  3. Cause Awareness and Change Leaders: SameSide helps Change Leaders garner sustained momentum for their petition, cause or campaign.

Campaign Leaders have passion in their hearts and fire in their bellies to make a real difference in their community. They not only involve others around their cause but also organize life-changing experiences around that cause to open up their world to impactors from anywhere, bringing us all a little closer together.

Meet Jessica


Who is Jessica: Jessica is running for a Federal Congressional seat in Arizona. This will be Jessica’s first time running for political office.

What does Jessica need: Jessica needs grassroots organizers to help with phone banking, canvassing, events and mobilization. She needs these organizers throughout her campaign.

When does Jessica need support: Jessica’s election is 6 months away and she needs to get her message out there. She needs sustained enthusiasm, participation and involvement in her campaign until election day.

How does SameSide help Jessica: Working with SameSide, Jessica has experience hosts provide unique, authentic local experiences and accommodations that attract new people (We call them Impactors) to her campaign. Impactors from all over will come to work hard on Jessica’s campaign but also get a local experience they wouldn’t find anywhere else. They meet Jessica’s other supporters who are just as awesome and passionate as they are and have a memorable time together. These experiences will be shared over an expanding network for Jessica.

Meet Michelle


Who is Michelle: Michelle is a rally organizer for a march on Washington to support her cause.

What does Michelle need: Michelle needs to make it easy and exciting for people to stay in Washington.

When does Michelle need support: Michelle’s rally is 3 months away and she needs rally participants to find accommodations and things to do while they are in Washington.

How does SameSide help Michelle: Working with SameSide, Michelle finds supporters in Washington willing to open up their homes to fellow supporters from all over. Michelle and SameSide also find experience hosts who can provide memorable experiences before and after the rally for those saying: “If I am going to travel all the way to Washington, I want to make a Weekend out of it”

Meet Thomas


Who is Thomas: Thomas is a Change Leader who wants new legislation passed in Colorado that will not only have impact for Colorado but for the country.

What does Thomas need: Thomas needs sustained awareness and pressure put on his elected officials if the legislation he is championing is going to get passed. He needs sustained grassroots organization to keep his issues top of mind for elected officials.

When does Thomas need support: Thomas needs sustained awareness and involvement until the legislation is passed.

How does SameSide help Thomas: Working with SameSide, Thomas builds out his network of experience hosts and accommodation hosts who will attract new impactors over a sustained timeframe to knock on doors, phone bank, attend townhalls and events so he can’t be ignored by elected officials.

What Are The Next Steps?

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