Always Proud: Fighting for Equality After the Parade

When corporate logos remove the rainbow, we're still here fighting for change

From neighborhood rainbow flags to corporate diversity pledges, Pride Month 2021 proved how far we've come as a society in accepting the richness of the human experience. But after the parades end, it's up to us to continue the fight for actual change.

This month in the SameSide Community, we will focus on advancing LGBTQ rights to continue the fight for equality for all.

We'll provide the...

  • EDUCATION: Experts on pronoun usage, dangerous Supreme Court decisions, the Equality Act and more.
  • ACTION: Digital "Do-Kits" texted to your phone filled with quick ways to take a stand for equality.
  • COMMUNITY: Happy Hours, events, discussions and more to come together for change.
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  • JULY 8  |   Let's Talk About Pronouns with Eden Luna of LA LGBT Center [Learn More] 
  • July 14  |   LGBTQ+ Equality 101: Where We Are Today with Victory Institute [Learn More]
  • July 19  |   Inclusive Kids: How a transgender author turned his experience into a children's book with Damien Lopez [Learn More]
  • July 22  |   Community Happy Hour - Los Angeles
  • July 28  |    Why We Need the Equality Act with Human Rights Campaign 
  • July 31   |   Always Proud Celebration 

+ More to come!

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