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Activism Burnout is Real

Community-care is the new self-care


How We Get Police Reform

Learn about the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act


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Meet Climate Designers Los Angeles

Monthly gatherings for designers and creative professionals committed to using creative skills for climate action.

Meet This Era Archive

Hacks for shopping vintage and moving to greater sustainability in the fashion industry. 

Meet SameSide Hosts

Hosts use SameSide to connect the events and gatherings they're already leading to a cause. Meet them here to be inspired and do the same. 


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VIDEO: Introducing The Sustainable Stylish Life

VIDEO: VOTEST - a celebration of music and joy to power your vote

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Take Action For Causes That Matter 

Healing Actions in Support of BLM


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Astrology + Activism with Kathryn Diaz

Climate Change

Celebrate Coastal Cleanup Month with SameSide



Safe Events For A Good Cause This Month


Racial Justice

The SameSide Anti-Racist Checklist



Guest Blogs



Trevor Noah and Jane Fonda Talk Civil Disobedience In the Name of Climate Change



Take Action For The Green New Deal



Learn More

Read about the Green New Deal dedicated to achieving 100% clean and renewable energy



Be An Advocate

Sign up to stay involved in the fight to pass this congressional resolution 


Contact Your Legislator

Email your leadership to support the passing of the Green New Deal


Take A Stand

Attend a safe and fun SameSide event to battle climate change



Climate Change

Coastal Cleanup Month - Not Your Mama's Beach Cleanup



Safe Events for A Good Cause This Month



The Voting Checklist All Smart Voters Love


Climate Change

The Green New Deal - And How You Can Support It



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