A Voter Guide To Help You Cut Through The Noise


Let's really talk about voting

Alright. You're registered and ready to vote. Maybe its your first time. Maybe you've done this since the Clinton Administration. Either way, there is a ton of information to sift through to make sure you're making the right decision for yourself and your community.

We know how overwhelming voting can be in California. Confusing propositions, so many elected positions and what about the judges?!  You want to make sure that you have the information you need to pick the best candidates that support your values, and make the right choices on ballot measures. But it can be hard to know where to go for reliable information. 

At SameSide, we believe in progressive values to address the racial, social and gender inequities in our country. We have long followed the work of Courage California, a non-profit organization with the mission to defend and extend economic justice, human rights, and corporate and political accountability through public education, strategic research, and innovative leadership-development training. 

Courage California has released its 2020 Voter Guide to help you evaluate candidates and measures from a progressive perspective so you can make decisions at the ballot box you feel good about. 


Meet The Guide

Courage California wants all Californians to have a government that listens and responds to the people it serves, not corporations or any party establishment. The Courage Voter Guide recommends proposition votes and candidates that prioritize people, not profit.

Many voter guides describe candidates and ballot measures but don’t take a clear position on who you should support. Others are single-issue based, leaving voters having to track down multiple guides in order to vote.

In today’s political climate, a neutral or single-issue perspective doesn’t help voters make informed decisions. Our democracy is under attack, and misinformation is one of the most powerful forces working to undermine our electoral system.


What's In The Guide?

Local races in your city


State & federal races


Statewide propositions


Local ballot measures



Ready to power your vote? 

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Voters shouldn’t have to do hours of homework to understand the races on their ballot, root out the misinformation, and still worry that they may not have correctly voted their values. The Courage Voter Guide helps Californians understand how they can best use their voice at the ballot box.

Learn more about how Courage California made their decisions.


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Whether it's just a few friends or a whole community, we help you organize a gathering to power your vote. Every guest is automatically sent the Courage California Voter Guide along with several other important tools to own the election this year. Learn more by clicking below.

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