How to Create A Woman Centered Special Event

There is nothing more critical to the success of your special event than creating a woman-friendly environment. It includes allowing your attendees to have a unique experience not typically given to them by traditional events. Women want to feel unique, valued, and appreciated. They want to feel like the event you are planning is about them somehow and that their presence means something.

How to Create A Woman-Centered Special Event

  1. Make a statement of inclusivity by explaining your desire to make the event woman-friendly in your introductory remarks to attendees. If you have male attendees, invite them to attend as well. You will find that most men are honored to have the opportunity to have their presence be part of a woman-friendly event if you inclusively invite them.
  2. Depending on your particular event, there are several things you can do that will be meaningful to women attendees. You may want to consider having a women-only or mostly woman environment for activities such as shopping, spa, eating, and informal networking opportunities. You may invite knowledgeable and inspiring speakers in areas that are important to women, such as education and professional development. You may have some activities directed towards a women’s audience, such as crafting, painting, jewelry making, or any other activity that you feel is appropriate to the theme of your event.
  3. Listen to your attendees and pay attention to how they respond to your event. You want everyone to be comfortable and feel welcome. Remember that not every woman will be interested in every programming opportunity you offer, but that does not mean that she does not appreciate that you created a woman-friendly environment for them. Give your attendees the option to share their ideas and experience with others safely and securely either through social media or anonymous feedback forms.
  4. Educate yourself about the unique challenges that women face and how your event can be a part of creating an environment where women feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated. Learn about gender differences in communication styles and emotional and physical needs.
  5. Offer your attendees a special gift at the end of the event designed to welcome them back to their lives and remind them of the special event you created for them.

Ways Of Finding Women To Invite

  1. Consider your contacts. Do you have any women friends, relatives, or acquaintances who would be interested in attending?
  2. Consider other women, such as celebrities and well-known personalities, who will excite your event. You can invite them on their own or invite them to attend as a guest of someone else.
  3. Look for organizations that are members of your Chamber of Commerce, Affiliate Association, or Affiliate Group that may be interested in sponsoring your event and inviting their members to participate through sponsorship opportunities or ticket sales.
  4. Look for professional women’s organizations that can invite members of their associates who may be interested in attending.
  5. Consider using online search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find women based on areas of interest, including hobbies, skills, and any other category you desire to target.
  6. Try posting a message on your department’s Facebook page or LinkedIn group with the name of your event and a simple description of what the event is all about, including information about ticket sales and benefits.

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Ways In Which The Women’s Event Is Different From That With Men And Women

  1. Try to schedule the event in areas where women will feel comfortable. Women do not always feel comfortable in situations where alcohol is available. They also sometimes do not feel comfortable in situations where food is served, mainly if there are no vegetarian options.
  2. Make sure that you have enough signage available for your women attendees to easily find their way around and get to the sessions and events they have chosen to attend.
  3. Consider offering childcare services for the children of your attendees so that they can attend sessions and events without having to worry about their children. Children are not invited to attend the event and do not have access to any program activities.
  4. Consider entertaining during the breaks between sessions, such as music, dance, or art-related activities that will appeal to women and make them feel more at ease while away from their colleagues discussing business-related matters.

Women’s Equality Topics Likely To Be Discussed

  1. Barriers that make it difficult for women to participate in business in the United States.
  2. Improving women’s access to jobs and workplaces that are both feminine and family-friendly.
  3. Escaping gender stereotypes in the workplace and maintaining a solid work-life balance in achieving career success.
  4. The impact of increasing cultural diversity on the workplace and how leaders can address these issues with an appropriate level of sensitivity while not compromising the mission of their organization
  5. Benefits to organizations in offering opportunities for women to engage in online and offline networking.
  6. Many men shy away from mentoring women because they may be uncomfortable with touching or being touched by another man, particularly if they are married or have a girlfriend or spouse who is also a mentor. Some studies say that this is not a problem with older mentors who have overcome the fear of touch and feel comfortable being embraced by young women because it is natural for them to do so when they feel like it.

A special event does not have to be a large affair to provide an opportunity for women to feel unique and valued. You can easily create a woman-friendly environment for any event you may be planning. Finally, these Events don’t have to be centered in the United States they can occur any where around the world. At the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating women – no matter the place.