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Secure Economic Opportunity for All Women

Ensure women’s economic security through access to: quality child care, fair pay and job opportunities, family-friendly workplaces, and anti-poverty  programs.

Campaign Leader: Stronger California

City, State: California

About the Campaign:

The Stronger California Advocates Network is a historic collaboration of advocate coalitions with deep experience working with communities affected by the four pillars of the Stronger California Agenda. In partnership with the Legislative Women’s Caucus, the Network capitalizes on the strengths of our members to advance the economic security of women in California. We seek to promote policy reform in order to meet basic needs and provide better income support, achieve fair pay and working conditions, support workforce development, encourage asset building, and ensure work- family flexibility and access to quality child care.

Women are critical to a strong and vibrant California economy. Ensuring the economic security of all the state’s women and their families will benefit all communities, including men, children, and families who count on public policies to meet their basic needs, earn a decent living and care for their families. Among those needs are child care, job training, public benefits during difficult times, equal pay for equal work, wages that enable women to support themselves and loved ones, and policies that support working families. This requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the various obstacles faced by most, if not all, women in California at one time or another in their lives. That is why advocates, legislators, and other community members from across the state came together in 2015 to promote A Stronger California, an economic security agenda designed to:

  • Build economic security by addressing poverty and helping women build assets to sustain them throughout their lives
  • Improve access to affordable and quality early childhood care and education
  • Ensure fair pay and job opportunities
  • Support family-friendly workplaces

What We’re Fighting For

How We Will Win

Pay Data Transparency Bill – AB 1209

Assembly Bill 1209 would bring increased transparency to the gender wage gap in California by requiring large private employers to collect data about gender pay gaps within their own company, publish this information on their website, and submit the data to the Secretary of State.

Contact CA State Senators and ask them to support AB 1209 and increase pay transparency in California.

AB 569 – The Reproductive Health Non Discrimination Act

This bill would combat the growing invasion of women’s privacy by making it illegal for employers to fire women for her reproductive health choices. Women have reported being terminated or discriminated against by their employers for conceiving a child through fertility treatments, becoming pregnant without being married, or for simply using birth control.

Contact CA State Senators and ask them to support AB 569 and protect employees who work in California from workplace discrimination based on their personal reproductive health care decisions.

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